Kauri & Maunder Creek Bridge

Kauri Creek and Maunder Creek bridges on Danbulla Road were identified for replacement by the Tablelands Regional Council The existing single lane , two span bridges consist of concrete abutments and a concrete ‘blade’ pier with steel brackets supporting timber guides. Each bridge comprises a composite deck consisting of timber girders with a reinforced concrete decking. The contract was to replace the existing bridges with a new single lane, single span concrete bridge, along with associated civil works on the cuttings and approaches.

Special features of Project

The Kauri Creek Bridge is in a Rainforest environment and Maunder Creek Bridge is also in a Wet Tropic’s listing, which required significant work on the Environmental Management Plan to ensure the protection of these pristine areas during the construction of these two bridges. Danbulla Road is the access road around the Tinaroo Dam. Another considerable issue that arose during the project, was due to a delay in awarding the contract, the project start date was delayed for two months, which put the project right into the Nth Qld Wet Season. Due to Danbulla Road being the main access to the Tinaroo Dam camping areas, considerable Traffic management issues were experienced, with damage to company property and equipment. Large Concrete blocks had to be installed to block off the work areas, which had to be craned off the road each day, and placed on the road on the completion of the day.

Issues resolved during project

Heavy rain occurred during the construction. Wet tropics were notified as part of the EMP and investigated the situation. The outcome was managed well by all stakeholders and were pleased with the project.

Quick Facts

ServiceCivil Construction
ClientTablelands Regional Council
LocationDanbulla Rd, Tinaroo Dam via Kiari Qld


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